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Empowering Players Changing The Game

The Online Marketplace of NIL's For Real Athletes in a Virtual World

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What Is G360

PlayG360 (“G360”) is a patent-pending pre-revenue social media platform providing non-professional athletes with “name, image, and likeness (NIL)” exposure to help build their careers by creating and promoting real-time stats. The company submitted a utility patent and plans for the app to go live by 2023/24.

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The Problem

To Be Seen, You Have To Be Seen!

While influencers, musicians, and singers have access to Spotify and other social media platforms to show off their skills and gain exposure, amateur athletes tend to have little to no niched options for exposure. Everyday athletes need access to sports-focused the tools, data, and analytics that can be used to boost their personal development and grow NIL opportunities. But without G360, it may seem nearly impossible to get a deal. And while non sports-focused social media can play a huge role in a player’s exposure, those platforms seem to lack the real stats that sponsors require for potential NIL opportunities.

The G360 Solution

Get Seen!

G360 created a sports-focused social media platform for non-professional athletes at all levels. Now players can track real game progress, create real content, and collect or share real data that they can use to further their personal development. Like other influencer-focused Apps like TikTok, Instagram, FanBase, or Only Fans, G360 empowers non-professional athletes by helping them refine their sporting influencer niche while providing branding, exposure, and new resources that could lead to real NIL deals. 

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